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bamboo fence oneChoosing the right fencing - Bamboo fencing comes in different styles. The most common ones are made of either 1" diameter poles or " diameter canes and held together by galvanized wire. Another style is woven bamboo, made of smaller canes held together in bundles. There's also split bamboo, which consists of the outer surface of the bamboo cane, also tied with wire. Aside from looks, your choice of bamboo depends on how sturdy you require the fence to be and the look you are hoping to achieve.

When you are putting in the framework, always make sure to leave a few inches of clearance under the fence, so that the bamboo is not touching the ground, as coming in contact with its moisture will cause the bamboo to rot.



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Installing on pre-existing fencing - Installing this type of fence over pre-existing chain links is easier than installing a stand-alone bamboo fence. For installing over existing chain link, it is best to use rolled bamboo fencing. You will be basically wrapping the roll around the chain link fence, using heavy-duty galvanized wire to attach it to the existing chain link. If you are using rolls of woven or split bamboo or the typical flat panel, you can install them over a standard wooden panel fence, pre drill the bamboo prior to screwing to the fence, this will help stop from splitting the pole.



Bamboo FenceStand-alone bamboo fencing - Stand alone fencing requires you to install heavy-duty poles as a vertical framework for the fence. If you opt for this option, use conventional wooden poles, as these will not rot from ground moisture easily. When installing the vertical framework, check that you are complying with local building standards.



Invest in a bamboo saw - During the installation process you will, at some point, have to adjust the length of some bamboo poles and canes. Using a bamboo saw will ensure a nice, even cut and no jagged edges. If you need to cut bamboo rolls, you can use sharp wire-cutters, to cut the galvanised wire and remove the desired amount of poles.



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